Calming the chaos of everyday life.


I don't want to just create another pretty space (although I do that too). I use design and organization principles to change your home so you can change your life.

Maybe you have been in the same house a long time. Maybe you just moved. Or you need to make room for a baby.

Even if you aren't exactly sure what you need but are craving change, together we rethink + reorganize + refresh your space to meet your lifestyle needs. 

Your Problems :: Our Solutions

Here are some of the ways I help you.

  • Creative solutions to meet your needs (what once was a coat closet is now a pantry)
  • Infusing your personality in your space so it does not look like you live in a furniture catalog
  • Action plan + budget to help you get started
  • Find new pieces of furniture to help you use your space better
  • Find a home for everything so you never have to wonder where things are or walk by piles in every corner
  • Repurpose things you love to use them in new ways (maybe grandma's china becomes displayed art)
  • Create a plan that works for your space as your family grows (what once was an office is now a nursery)