"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


I don't just believe in living a life with less - I believe in living a life with less of the wrong solutions and more of the right ones. This means figuring out what isn't working and finding the right solutions for your home and your needs.

I create a playbook to give you everything you need to calm the chaos of your home and start living the life you want now.

Your playbook is your plan for your house based on your needs, your tendencies and your style.

It is the guide that makes "I should be more organized" and "I wish my house looked better" phrases of the past.

Curious?  Take a peek inside.




Onsite Assessment:
Show me your world. 
+ 1-2 hours touring your home together
+ Tell me everything - what you love, what you can't stand, what's working, where you are struggling.
+ Show me everything -  closets, junk drawers, bedrooms, toy bins and mystery boxes.

Playbook Creation:
Making the magic.

+ Approx. 2 weeks
+ Floor plans, to do lists, to buy lists, product recs.
+ It's me thinking about your space and figuring out how we make it work for you and putting that to paper so you can start to visualize. 

Playbook Reveal:
Show you the magic.

+ 45 minutes
+ We go through the plan together and discuss getting it done. Your face lights up because you can finally see just how this can actually happen. 

Get it done.
+ Choose to get it done on your own or let me help. My team of organizers, handymen, and painters are happy to help. Whatever you choose, I am here for you.

Laura helped me turn my apartment into a light, open space that functions exactly as I need it to and feels like a cozy, stylish home. The Playbook was exactly what I needed to understand what to do with my place. I LOVE coming home to this every day.
— Caroline, San Francisco