This week has been a crazy one (and not just for obvious reasons). Emotions are running high as unexpected things are happening all around - good and bad.

Opportunities are presenting themselves – the opportunity to breathe and get perspective, to choose love, to change, to take a risk, to stay the same.  

Children are behaving – good and bad. I am either being Fun Mom or wondering how to get through the next hour. It’s called life.


I have the typical coping mechanisms - exercise, wine (just being honest), friends, and the outdoors. But ewph, that inner voice full of doubt and fear can be loud and make the crazy continue. Sometimes I need something more.

What would that more look like? Is it actually meditating like people say I should? Is it finally going to yoga like people say I should? Ehhh...these never do much for me.


Crazy is when I turn to what deeper thinkers call a mantra or personal meditation, possibly. I never understood the concept of these...until I read something that resonated so strongly with me that I made it my personal mantra (gasp - I used the words).

TRUST that you are where you are supposed to be, having the experiences you are meant to experience. There is such a sense of calm in believing we all have a plan and taking one step at a time
is enough. And if you can add a healthy layer of GRATITUDE on top
of the deeply-felt trust in God or the universe, that's where you
can find the extra good stuff - peace and happiness.

-Jenny Komenda, Little Green Notebook

I keep rereading, repeating and preaching this. A friend’s face lights up when it makes sense to them and they have their aha moment.

Truly, if you TRUST where you are and what is happening (no matter the situation) is exactly what is supposed to be happening --- it takes away the crazy. It creates a calm in you, a calm in the situation, a calm in your universe.

And then show GRATITUDE for every person, thing, and experience you possibly can. You will find a peace and happiness you did not know before.

I’m not naive - trust and gratitude might not make the situation easier, but I guarantee you will feel better about your next challenge. Good and bad.


Is my life perfect because I found trust and gratitude? No. Am I a little more sane? Yes. Does it help quiet the crazy inner voice? Most of the time.

When do I use this? All the time.

  • Major life decisions - Should we move? Where? Is this THE house? Can we afford this?
  • Pushed out of comfort zone - YOU want ME to speak publicly (who knew I would love it).
  • Parenting decisions, financial decisions, etc.

The examples are endless. And the answers aren’t always easy. But - trust and be grateful. See what it does for your crazy. See what calm it creates in you. 

This all goes back to my core belief that with less mess (mental or physical) we truly have more life. Increase the trust and gratitude to decrease the crazy. #lessmessmorelife

Image credit: we heart it