For many of us, this is a day to give AND to receive. We are at the intersection of mother, daughter and caregiver to oh so many. Which is all the more reason you need to take time for you on Sunday, May 12 (and Mon., Tue., Wed., but I digress…). While hugs and homemade cards are soul-filling, you may want a pretty box holding a heartfelt something. Don’t be shy – forward this email full of my favorite things or your own wish list to your partner to make sure you get what you really want.
On display – Anything from Artifact Uprising. I love it all but the brass easel with a set of 10 pics seems most doable right now…send to your Mom and make one for yourself, too. Stop searching for the “perfect” picture – their high quality printing will do the work for you.

Make it last - More into evergreen gifts than flowers that last a week? Check out for a long-term spin on sending short-term flowers.

Get comfy - While you may really want air conditioning for Mother’s Day (hello, heat wave), that’s probably not happening. Instead, update your slumber game with these pajamas, a forever favorite.

Spring has sprung – Get outside and re/dehydrate with these navy acrylic wine, oops, water glasses.

For daily joy – Ask for the Aura frame + 1 hour to load it with pics! It’s a splurge but will provide a much needed dopamine hit for you and your family every minute, hour and day.  

Remember, you may not need a physical thing…but time for self love. 3 hours alone. A hike with friends. Sleeping in. Be sure to ask for what you TRULY need that day, not just a thing wrapped up with a bow.