I usually greet summer with an eye roll and a few heavy sighs and I don't think I'm alone. It’s crazy time. Kids going every direction. Tears at drop off for camp. Camp is out at noon but costs $500 (whatevs). It’s quite possibly a recipe for disaster for people who like routine, schedules, and consistency (that’s me, folks). If you happen to have owned the same attitude, keep reading for a few ideas on how I’m determined to change it up this year.
I don’t have a life bucket list (gasp) but that does sound dreamy. A specific list for summer? That has been reserved for on top of their sh*t parents. But I want to feel that way! So a summer list we shall make. Join us? (genius tip: google kids summer bucket list for inspo.) 

Yes, book camps ahead of time (or try to?) but I’m talking social plans. This summer, I commit to booking city excursions/pool dates/bike dates with other families ahead of time. Dates may change but having plans makes all of us happy. Staring at blank calendars makes us anxious, especially a mom who will be home more this summer than ever before. Think how awesome it will feel to have answers when you hear the dreaded, “What are we doing today?” Yes, please.
Are you at your best in the morning or afternoon? For me, it’s morning so afternoon camps it will be for my little guy. (Note, my older son will be at camp all day, a lot of days since he requires constant athletic entertainment.)

Summer is loooooooong (did you know?). Weekly changing schedules (my blood pressure just spiked) tires the soul. Make sure you find time to refill YOUR bucket this summer. A girl’s weekend. A regular sitter on Thursdays. Or the best – (more than) 24 hours in your own house all by yourself. My husband and boys go away for a weekend each summer. While tempting to join the fun (FOMO much?), enter week 10 of summer “vacation” and I know a solo weekend will be FOMO turned JOMO instantly. 

Use your bucket list to fill your calendar with outings AND fill-your-bucket time! Don’t roll your eyes. Let’s do this!

p.s. Many of you wil read through this newsletter and say, I've heard all of these ideas before. My question to you will be - Have you actually implemented any of them? There is no new surprising way to make summer easier or your kids entertain themselves (without technology) all day long. Just like the closet that won't clean itself out, summer will not make itself magical. You have to put in the work.

What work will YOU do to create your summer? My hope is you will pick one (or more) of these ideas and truly make them happen.