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It's February. Time to shine next week as you shower your world with Valentine's love – your kids, their classmates, the grandparents, the teachers, your partner. But what about YOU – the most important person of all? Before you start your daughter’s Pinterest inspired (#pinterestfail?) Valentine’s, commit to showing yourself some love. Here's how.
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Clean out your nightstand. Beginning and ending your day next to a cabinet full of sh*t is not good for thine soul. Edit this miniature version of your home where all things random collect. (I’m looking at you little Lego man, broken jewelry and 20 pens). Set your timer for 30 minutes and go.  
They don’t have to be expensive and they certainly don’t have to be roses. All white or an orchid will do the trick. Place them on your new Kondo-ed nightstand – ahhhh serenity. And while I’m sure you have a vase (or 20), if you really want to spoil yourself, indulge in thisthis or this. (But could you donate a few old vases first? I’m just sayin’.)
Not a new couch for your living room – a therapist’s couch. After hitting a life hurdle, repeatedly, I visited my beloved head and heart healer, Nova Goldberglast week. In 50 minutes, she uncovered the root of a deep problem and voila, I literally felt like I lost 10 pounds (#winning). While some work takes longer and some sessions are a productive cry-fest (tissues are provided in her swoonworthy space), I always feel better and never regret going. I don’t go every week or even every month, but there is invaluable comfort in knowing I have a “couch” to go to when life’s hurdles get too high. If you have been thinking about going to therapy, give yourself this most precious gift and go.

Want to be inspired? No worries, I talk the talk AND walk the walk. While I don't have a pic from the couch (next time), enjoy these pics of my edited nightstand with fresh flowers to boot. Your turn!