Crickets here, lately. Evidently, when I’m in transition, I get a little quiet. It’s been an anxious time for me as we shift from school to summertime and I shift to be home full time with my kids for the first time. For some of you, this may be an impossible dream or a possible nightmare you avoid. Whatever your stance, it’s a change for me… one that comes with a bit of fear but one I hope is worth taking.
For 8 years, my title has been full-time, part-time, self-employed working mom. My identity wrapped up in all of that. Some (too much?) of my worth wrapped up in that income. My to-do list wrapped up in my client’s needs, but even more so, my need to stay busy to justify the nanny and expensive camps.
The result? Fearing the summer. Time for a different approach. This summer, I will be wrapped up in my family. To do so, I need to let a few things go.
I give myself permission to say goodbye to:

  • The fear and guilt of not contributing financially.

  • The sometimes weekly newsletter and daily instastories.

  • The thought that it’s not fair that my husband has to go to work while we play.

  • The thought that being productive equates to happiness.

And say hello to:

  • Writing and creating when I feel inspired (weekly, monthly, not at all?).

  • Calling in a babysitter when I feel drained or the Ipad when I need yoga.

  • Being grateful for the flexibility to just be with my children.

  • Creating adventures during these 3 months of summer “vacation.”  

Like I tell my kids, SOMETIMES our days (minutes, hours?) will be amazing. And SOMETIMES they will be a real struggle (hopefully, just minutes). Don’t get me wrong - we will be the first ones to school on September 4th. I just look forward to the happiness we find in MOST of the times in between. 
Now your turn to release and welcome everything you need to make your summer be just what it needs to be for you.