UNPACK THE BACKPACK (end of school year style)

Whatever coast you are on, the piiiiiiiles from school are coming home soon. (I always wonder where the teachers have been storing this STUFF all year long but that’s another post.) Whether it’s your middle-schooler’s Trapper Keeper (they made a comeback, you know!) or your 2nd grader’s farm diorama, these creations create chaos at home. To take control of the situation (central theme of all of my work), follow these guidelines.

Completed pages from workbooks – recycle. Painting of the family – keep (and frame!).

A barely legible story from September next to the detailed paragraph from May shows progress. 2 or 3 (not 200 or 300) examples of just how much they learned earn a spot in the beloved bin. 

Anything kept, must fit in my Bigso Box. I’m not keeping 10-gallon tubs full of papers for my children to never want to sift through. I’m just not doing it. If it’s bigger than this box, away it goes.

Most importantly, when sorting, imagine me standing over your shoulder saying, “Really? THIS (head cocked, doubting eyes)??? In 20 years, you want to look through ALL OF THIS (voice louder, head cocked more, AND hands on hips)?” Can you picture me? Oh good.