"Spring Break 2019!" she yells in her 20-year-old voice like she’s headed back to Key West. Time to pack up the family (because the packing-for-one days are long gone) and head somewhere. Let’s do things in a more organized way this trip. Sound good? Thought so. Implement these 3 pack-like-a-pro tips to get your crew on that flight/road trip with just what you need and a lot less stress.  
Notice I said complete. Wash, dry, fold…and most importantly, put it away (I know, I’m the worst). Digging through clean clothes ranks super high on my inefficiency meter. Start with everything in it’s place to save precious time. Plus, the “Oh sh*t, I forgot about this shirt. I’ll just throw it in, too.” tendencies will be reduced.
Before you dump every spring break appropriate-ish outfit onto your bed and while you’re waiting for the dryer to buzz, WRITE out a packing list. Don’t envision a list. Make the list. This way, the 90% of your closet not on your list doesn’t end up sleeping on top of your bed...until you get back from said vacation (errr, family trip?).
Similar to big cabinets or drawers, create divide to create order. These packing cubes do the trick, a must if you have more than one person in your suitcase. If you have your suitcase all to yourself and are tight on space, IMHO, packing cubes may not be your best move. BUT, if you want to be able to unpack quickly when you arrive and more importantly, unpack within 5 days of being home, I'd prioritize using these. And yes, I agree, rolling your clothes takes less space.
Have a great trip! Now when you get home, unpack pronto. (Agh, how dare I add that!) Set a timer and knock it out. Research shows (maybe?) the longer you wait to unpack, the longer it will take. Ok…just trust me on this one. Safe travels!

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Change it up...The time has come to add to our ways to get the kids talking at dinner repertoire. Purchasing these cards to get the convo flowing again. Perfect for road trips, too. Kudos to Chick-fil-A for including similar cards in their latest kid’s meal and not some plastic zombie.

"What If?" one of the most debilitating phrases in life. Bold statement but one I truly believe. I reference this post all the time…your turn to read.

On repeat…I’m not a fashion blogger (repeat, I’m not a fashion blogger) but lots of you have asked about these pants recently. They are my uniform. Plus, did you know Athleta is Nordstrom like? You can return anything. Worn twice? No problem. No questions.