Micro choice (as defined by Less Mess. More Life.) – quick actions you can take and decisions you can make to lead a more organized life.

A simpler, calmer life is not created solely by the quarterly purge. The dreamy state is the result of minute-to-minute, day-to-day decisions you make. You've made the decision to sign up for this newsletter. Now it's your turn to implement a few of these (she says with such a loving nudge).

It makes the folding process that much faster. We sort by kids, adults and things that can’t go in the dryer (all workout clothes). And when my husband (bless him for doing laundry, too, but…) blends it all together, I am 100% certain it takes me longer to fold and to put away. Do the pre-work to make the post-work that much easier. [Side note: This laundry sorter is magic.]

There is little more frustrating than needing to mail something, only to find you are out of stamps. Eliminate this hiccup and buy stamps in bulk. Keep them in multiple places – wallet, desk drawer, junk drawer. No excuse for not mailing the billzzzz or Chloe’s cuter-than-cute cat drawing to grandma. [Side note: Keep a stash of 9 x 12 envelopes for mailing these special creations. Side note 2: Often I find it faster to write the check and mail rather than to go online and pay them. Something about sitting down at the computer…]

BUY A DUSTBUSTER (and I mean this particular one).
Use often. A DustBuster is one size fits all, unlike a vacuum which is hard for littles to get out. Kids crumble chips during snack time? Make it easy for them to clean it up. Track dirt in the kitchen? It’s gone in 20 seconds. [Side note: if your Dustbuster smells, the filter needs to be replaced. It’s easy. It’s gross. It does the trick.]

800 3 Tips New Blue.png

Platter obsession...I'll be turning my favorite white platter into a seder plate this weekend. I love how versatile these are. Maybe you need one for your seder or perhaps, your spiraled ham? 

Honey, can you hand me my...readers. Oh heavens - I have arrived. These super light, super reasonable, stylish glasses make it a little less painful...I think?

Smoothie time…my should-have-been-a-child-nutritionist friend sent me a link to this smoothie as I try once again to get my kids (and me!) on a healthier track. Hopefully typing this will help me make that commitment.