Start today to make tax time easier for next year. Ewph. How annoying is THAT sentence? But as you sit there getting angrier and angrier while prepping your taxes, you will thank me when these 3 tips you implement today save you time throughout the next year.

Create a 2019 Taxes folder on your computer
Just like with physical things, electronic files need a home, too. You’ve heard it before – A place for everything and everything in its place. Dreamy.

Download the ScannerPro app
I use this app often, like, a lot often. Whenever we get donation receipts in the mail, I quickly “scan” them (it’s just like taking a picture) and upload them to our 2019 Taxes folder. Guess what doesn’t end up in a homeless pile labeled To Scan? Old donation receipts. Printer scanners take so much longer and often fail. The scanner apps take 20 seconds and can be snapped hovered over the mail pile in the kitchen. Stop putting it off. Most accountants require you to upload the supporting docs anyway…you might as well start now.

Create an old school folder for 2019 Tax Info
A real folder with pockets. This “home” will be used more when the snail-mail tax docs arrive next year because remember Step 2? You’re a “scanner” now. Yes, you can keep the hard copies of scanned docs as well. Be sure to mark them “uploaded” so you’re not duplicating efforts come tax time. [Look around your office supply stash shoved in the closet for a folder before you go out and buy one.]

I’m a realist – taxes will forever be annoying. BUT when you have systems (buzz word) like these in place AND you actually follow them, I promise it will make next year a wee bit easier.   

800 3 Tips New Blue.png

Track it…I encourage you all the time to donate, donate, donate. It’s worth keeping track of those donations because that can mean $$$. Use itsdeductible.com to get actual dollar amounts. Those jeans you loved 8 years ago, $16. All those $16s add up.

Sitting pretty-er…I love our outdoor rocking chairs and was thrilled to learn they are made from recycled milk jugs. Going on year 4 of white and still shining bright. #savetheearth #winning

Contain It…I’m far from being a baker but ace the organized baking supplies test. These are my favorite flour and sugar canisters, by far. If you’re not decanting (debagging) these items, make the change today.