IKEA. To some, it’s a 4-letter word. To me, it’s where form, function and budget intersect. I don’t love the process but praise them for finally adding online shopping. I love their been-around-forever items but nothing too new or trendy. I really don’t like - the art cart. (Sorry if you own one. I am sure they are great for some things but really, are they?) Alas, back to what I love in a most definite order.

KALLAX (translation: most versatile cubby system ever). Remember, I walk the walk too with 3 of these in my house - in my office, my son’s room and playroom. Slide it in a closet to create cheap shelving (add baskets for swimwear, socks, pajamas) or keep it in your office for returns, things to mail, and an inbox system. IMHO, skip the doors and drawers (see your stuff so you deal with stuff, remember?) and stick with white.

KUGGIS (translation: pretty, functional bins). My love runs deep for these clear, plastic bins but for a cleaner look, these get my vote. Lids are optional but for toy storage, I say keep them off. Kuggis + Kallax = a Less Mess. More Life. + bank account approved space.

MUSKOT (translation: versatile, white planters in any size). Want to freshen a room on a low budget? Add plants (real or fake!). Having these white planters on hand make that task that much easier.

Of course, I love a few more things from IKEA – check out my Pinterest board to see who earned honorable mentions.


BE GREEN: If donating is tough for you but saving the earth is your jam, then check out Marine Layer’s new t-shirt recycling program, Re-Spun. Drop off holey (holy?) t-shirts or mail them in their pre-paid recyclable mailer for up to $25 in store credit. As they say, clear that closet…responsibly.

DECORATE: Want the trendy, faded Persian rug aesthetic but scared of the price tags on a lot of them? I hear ya. This one is a gem (tried first-hand) and the price point is super easy to stomach.

WRITE: To each her own but to keep to dos and goals organized, these Moleskine notebooks keep me in check. Surprised an organizer likes graph paper? I didn’t think so.