New Year’s Goals/Resolutions/Intentions/Words/Wishes…whatever you call them, they are the buzz right now.  For the past 3 years, I have used the same method to create my “words” for the year.  That track record alone says a lot about the process.  It’s easy.  It works for me.  And I hope it works for you.


The method encourages you to think about how you want to feel in the New Year, not what you want to do. Grateful? Home? Organized? Could any of these words describe how you want to feel? Follow this simple process to find out.

1.    Download and print the list of words + worksheet.
2.    Highlight 10-15 words that speak to you.
3.    Narrow your list down to 3-4 words.
4.    Think of 3 actions you could take to achieve that feeling.
5.    Complete the worksheet!

TIPS + TRICKS (so you actually will get them done!)

Avoid the word MORE – Create truly actionable items that can be measured. For example, read more becomes read 20 books.  Spend more time with my husband becomes go on 16 dates.  Make my bed more becomes make my bed 365 times (because I know making your bed is super important!).

Create realistic goals – I would much rather see you blow a goal out of the water by August and have to adjust than to see you are not going to make it in June and quit. Be realistic – it’s a great form of self-care and a great motivator as well.

Track anything you can - Included are charts for you to track books read and workouts completed that I have used with success. Clip them to a clipboard (don’t go buy one, you probably already have one!) and keep somewhere handy.  This alone could be the most important step to helping you achieve your goal. Yes, there are apps to track goals and if that works for you – I’m all in. However, I’m a pen-to-paper girl so this is truly rewarding every time I get to fill in a square.


It’s not too late to do this for the New Year. Set aside 1 hour, literally, 60 minutes to focus on this project because you deserve it.

Does tracking for an entire year seem too long for you? Try for one month. Just. Do. Something.

Think hard about how you work best…and make it happen. So you can be your best or “better than before” in 2019.