“Mothers will spend more than three years of their adult lives in the kitchen” according to a recent study. I’m definitely on the more than side of this study. I feel like I am in the kitchen All. The. Time. Can you relate?

Maybe that stat will make you realize how important it is to have an edited and organized kitchen. Here are my 3 favorite tools to help you do just that.


These things are far from lazy (terrible joke). They are most helpful in hard-to-reach spaces, hard-to-see spaces and even in a refrigerator. Use these for oils and vinegars in the cabinet above the stove and inside cabinetS where items tend to get shoved to the back (think spices and canned goods). If you have a larger fridge (I’m jealous), use one to store your most often used condiments (jellies, ketchup, salad dressings). My favorite is the 10-inch size because it fits in shallow, tricky spaces but don’t be afraid to go bigger if you have the space.


Creating divide in any size spice is super important throughout your house, especially your kitchen. Small cardboard boxes (Marie Kondo style), beautiful acrylic trays and adjustable dividers will all do the trick. Whatever you do - just do it. Start with your gadget drawer. Keep your most often used spatulas and pretty tongs in a pretty container next to the stove. Hide the less attractive gadgets like can openers and black tongs in a beautifully divided drawer. Even if the tools don’t go back in the same space each time, the drawer will still look and feel better when you’re not sifting through everything to find the cherry pitter (do you really need that?).


I put these dividers in every kitchen I work in – even the brand new kitchens. THESE will change your life. Store cutting boards, baking sheets, cupcake trays, platters, serving dishes, grill pans, and pyrex dishes using these. While the most common spaces for these are above a refrigerator or next to the oven, don’t limit yourself to these places. My favorite kitchen cabinet is hidden in my island and has 4 of these separating my favorite white platters.

But before you go out and buy all of these things, you have to do a super deep, honest, like-never-before edit of the kitchen. Why would you work so hard to organize things that are broken, you never use, or don’t need?