It’s Saturday. And you have said you are going to purge your closet, purge the garage, purge your life. You’re cruising along and then bam, the used-once-a-decade camping gear, New Year's Eve party supplies from the new millennium, extra coolers, old suitcases or the jeans that are two sizes too small appear.

And you freeze. You can’t get rid of it because your pesky inner voice says… “What if I need it? What if I lose the weight? What if we have a big party? What if…? What if…?”


I’m very comfortable with the extreme statement that it is impossible to plan for everything you may need. Mentally, this way of thinking is exhausting and naturally creates anxiety. Physically, this creates way too much stuff.

What happens when you have too much stuff? You can’t remember what you have, you can’t even find the “what if” things, your partner gets annoyed at the ask to dig through the garage only to uncover holes in the much sought after suitcases. The end result is the stress of holding onto “what if” stuff has far outweighed the benefit of actually having it.


Good news. Change really is possible and here are a few ideas:

  • Borrow the rarely needed items from friends or neighbors
  • Reward yourself with a new pair of jeans when you do lose the 20 pounds
  • Develop your own set of parameters for purging (have I used in last year?, can I replace it easily?)
  • Throw "what if" out the window with "should"
  • Live in the present and get honest about what you need

You have the power to change this way of thinking. You have the power to dig deep and get real about what you need.

You have the power to live with less mess and more life.