Are you living with hand-me-down furniture you don’t love? Feeling guilty about getting rid of grandma’s chair that just doesn’t work for you? Believe it or not, there is a way to let these things go where everyone wins.


ME:  Tell me about that table shoved in the corner.

CLIENT:  Oh that was my mother’s. I actually hate the table but she passed away so I feel I should hold on to it.  

ME:  How do you think your Mom feels about you keeping this table that you hate?

CLIENT:  Never thought about it that way. Just always thought I was supposed to keep it.

ME:  Do you think she could possibly even be laughing that you still have this table? The one she knows you never liked? 

CLIENT:  (nods head yes while giggling)

ME:  Do you honor your mother in any other ways? I see these awesome photos of her on your gallery wall.

CLIENT: I love those photos so much. I have more to add.

ME: See how much joy these memories of your mother bring you and how much angst the table causes? Not only is the table affecting you mentally, it’s affecting your physical space by crowding the room where your family spends the majority of their time. Without this table here, we can make room for homework and projects.

CLIENT:  I really hate that table.

ME: How do you think it would feel to let it go?

CLIENT: Really never thought about it but I’m seeing your point. I have so many other great memories of my mom and this table certainly is not one of those.


ME:  AHHH! You got rid of the table.

CLIENT:  I did! The most unexpected part was the amazing feeling I had when giving the table to a family who was beyond excited to receive it. They kept telling me about where they were going to put it and thanking me over and over. Look how much bigger the room is. And the kids love all the new space. 

ME:  That’s a win-win in my book. Not only does your space now work for your family, you freed your mind of the guilt associated with the piece and you made another family so happy.

Are you looking to lighten your load this summer? Hear more about this client’s experience of letting go and taking control back of her home by listening to the podcast below. We may just motivate you to do the same.