A very common question - what is your favorite organizing product?

To answer - picture this. Peacefully (of course), you walk in the door with mail in one hand, kids backpacks in the other (permission slips to sign falling out) and your purse barely hanging onto your wrist for dear life.

Welcome home! You now have magazines to read, husband's mail to put somewhere and kids papers/homework in a heap. It all ends up in one pile on the counter because let's be honest, that's just what happens. So what to do? 

Insert the magazine file. Here's why we love them:

1. PREVENT PILES – Piles - we just don't want them. Once things go into a miscellaneous pile they become hard to find and forget about actually getting much done in that pile. 

2. MOBILITY – I love to keep these in easy to access areas so items can be stored quickly and easily. Now when it is time to actually tackle the to dos, create art projects or read a magazine, you can just grab your magazine file and take it with you. Company coming over? Just turn them around to hide all the contents. 

3. INEXPENSIVE – These are available in so many price points that being too expensive just isn't a good excuse anymore.

So that is the why we love them. Below are different ideas on how to use them for your family. 

KIDS  - use for arts + crafts supplies and books

KIDS - use for arts + crafts supplies and books

  • Construction Paper + Stickers
  • Activity Books - one for each child
  • Homework
  • Library books
  • Highlights/National Geographic Kids Magazines
  • Easy readers – any floppy books that slip and slide everywhere
  • Mailing Supplies - so masterpieces get mailed to grandparents

FAMILY INBOX SYSTEM – use for mail, reading material and to dos

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Kids
  • To Pay
  • To Do
  • To Read

OFFICE - use for supplies and to dos

  • To Do
  • To Scan
  • To Mail
  • Mailing Supplies
  • Envelopes/Labels
  • Extra notepads/notebooks

The ways these simple, budget friendly boxes can create new easy-to-access homes for so many things, change bad habits and prevent piling make it one of our fave products to recommend. 

Before you go out and stock up on these, be sure to edit what is going in the files first. Give yourself a fresh start with your to dos. And once you get this problem solved, what will you tackle next? 

To see our favorite magazine files and more inspiration, check out our Pinterest page.


Photo credit: Brooke Bryand Photography