If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing…from discomfort, comes growth…you are probably familiar with this concept. Love it or hate it. It’s the truth. Lately, I should be feeling 7-feet tall due to the amount of unanticipated discomfort from a most anticipated furniture delivery.

The modern-yet-classic Room and Board delivered our new master bedroom. After much anticipation, the day was here to share it with my world.  

What I was not expecting were the feelings that developed as I started to post on Instagram. The doubt and negative self-talk were taking over because it didn’t look “perfect.” The room wasn’t complete. And I wondered, what if they don’t like it? Should I even share this?  Ugh. I’m way uncomfortable.


I paused to reel it all in and reminded myself of this:

My goal is to empower you to make changes to your space, your home and your habits so you can live your best life. To do this, I must share the pretty pictures but more importantly, the not-so-pretty pictures. The things that work and the things that don’t. 

So I shared away, admitting I didn’t have all the answers. Perfection did not prevent progress (one of my biggest issues). I silenced the negative self-talk. I made myself get uncomfortable.

The response was amazing. My followers encouraged more behind-the-scenes and offered helpful ideas. I was reminded that help appears from the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. That by pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, I felt a new sense of comfort and a stronger sense of community supporting me.


What is making you uncomfortable? Is it the dread of purging your home? The thought of leaving your job? The fear of a necessary but tough conversation?

Could addressing it actually make you stronger? Create more time? Free up physical and mental space? I think so.

Whatever it may be, I hope you are empowered to confront the pain. Because with discomfort, comes growth. And while growth isn’t always easy, I’m pretty sure it’s always worth it.