Spring (and lately it seems like summer) is here. Kids are out playing in the front, back and middle-of-the-street yards. Patios and barbecues are in use and for my neighborhood, the weekly block party is about to begin.

Yes….our neighborhood has a party every Friday night, 6 months out of the year. If you have wanted to plan something like this but have a few excuses, I mean, reasons not to --- not enough space, don’t want that many people in your house, too expensive --- I get it. But, tis time to push those to the side and start planning. Here’s how we do it.


1.     Partner with your neighbor and get a permit from the city to block off a small portion of the street (free to do in our area). If your excuse has been you don’t have enough outdoor space, well, here is your chance.

2.     Be responsible for feeding the kids only - Order Chick-fil-A nugget party trays, make pulled pork sandwiches and visit Costco for juice boxes, watermelon and desserts. If your excuse has been it will cost so much to feed everyone, well, here is your chance.

3.     Ask each family to bring an appetizer and adult beverage of choice. Talk about cost savings – no need to buy all the alcohol and food!

4.     Set up a few tables, ice buckets and coolers for adult beverages. Borrow them if you don’t have them, don’t buy them. Remember this blog post?

5.     Pull out all of the sports equipment, lawn games and sidewalk chalk you have. When kids get together, they run wild and dream up their own games. No need for fancy entertainment or the need to get super creative.

6.     Keep the party outside – just open the house for restrooms only. Limit the damage.


When we hosted, we had 115 guests. We split the expenses with our neighbors making our total cost $150. A party for over 100 people that doesn’t break the bank or your house really is possible. That’s my kind of party.

That’s my kind of community, too. One that parties together stays together (isn’t that the phrase?). The weekly gathering creates a much sought after welcoming neighborhood. One that welcomes new families to the group and eases their transition. A community I’m proud to be a part of and want to contribute to. One that I’m beyond grateful to call home.

So now that you have a realistic plan for a block party, pick a date and commit to it. This is your summer to make it happen, your summer to get to know your neighbors and your summer to create your community.


*I am forever grateful to Linda Feehan, now a Washington, D.C. resident, who started this tradition 7 years ago. She arranged the group as a co-op so to attend, you agree to host one night each year. This is how we party all summer long. But just start with one party and see what happens!

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