Summer has arrived but maybe your house is still stuck in winter. Is it time for a refresh? 

  • Are you craving a calm, peaceful bedroom?
  • Dreading overnight guests due to the often ignored guest room?
  • Dreaming of a playroom ready for more than usual activity with lots of kids?
  • Wanting systems in place to deal with a school year's worth of memories and children growing like weeds? 

You deserve an organized, beautiful space that works just for you. 

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  • Complete organizing and decorating plan for one room of your house
  • Realistic, budget friendly solutions
  • 3-D floor plan to help you envision your fresh, clean space
  • Functional, stylish solutions to meet your organizing needs and decor desires
  • Pinterest board with multiple recommendations for each product


  • 1 hour + $450



1. Pick a room

Are you dreaming of the peaceful master bedroom, functional playroom or cozy family room? No matter the room, we will find a way to make it function and look better. 

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2. Onsite Assessment

We will walk through your space together - virtually or in person. Tell me everything you love, you can't stand or your biggest dreams. I want to make sure all your dreams come true in this space. 

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3. Reveal

Virtually, we go through the plan together and discuss all the details. Your face lights up because you can finally see just how this can actually happen.

Let's Do This!

Schedule your assessment and you're one step closer to the space you deserve!